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Provides support to SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center Provides support to the Charles R. Wood Gallery Provides support to the Charles R. Wood Theater Provides support to the Hyde Museum

Charles R. Wood was a great collector of fine art, acquiring important paintings, sculptures, and antiques from all over the world. It was Charley’s passion and perhaps his favorite past-time, outside of work. His love of the arts is what brought about the third cornerstone of our mission. Children are our future, healthcare sustains the present, and the arts make the world a more enjoyable and culturally rich place for us all.

Over the years, the Charles R. Wood Foundation has given substantial support to the Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, NY. We have given to the permanent collection as well as supported capital improvements and temporary exhibitions at the museum. Although a small museum in a small city, the Hyde Collection has a world- class collection of mostly European and American art dating from antiquity to present day. Charley has always been a great patron and supporter of the Hyde Collection, and the Foundation continues to support this gem of a collection that we are so lucky to have in this region.

The arts are so very vital to a city’s vibrance and lifeblood. In 2001, the Charles R. Wood Foundation issued a $250,000 challenge grant towards the renovation and construction of the Charles R. Wood Theater in downtown Glens Falls. The community raised the money in an astonishing three months! Not only did this show the community’s sense of solidarity and pride in their city, with the construction of this beautiful, new theater, the Renaissance of downtown Glens Falls began and continues today.

The Charles R. Wood Foundation believes that by supporting the arts, you are strengthening communities and giving people a reason to rally around their towns and cities. No request is too small. The counties in the areas we give to need support in these hard economic times, especially as these rural areas are seeing reduced populations due to “brain drain” and fewer young people. We give to the arts because we feel they are not just a form of entertainment, but are necessary to many of these small towns’ ability to thrive.

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